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Classic FPS Game ‘Quake’ Now Playable on Apple Watch

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Classic first person shooter game ‘Quake’ can now be run on an Apple Watch.

YouTuber MyOwnClone revealed how he ported over the 1996 shooter to the Apple Watch Series 5, with digital crown as well as touch screen controls. The video, titled ‘Quake 1 port to Apple Watch’, is two minutes in length and gives an in-depth look at the porting and achievement done on the smartwatch.

MyOwnClone went on Hacker News site and explained the methodology behind the port. He mentioned that he built on existing Mac and iOS ports, with tweaks to optimize it for watchOS. Quake I runs at 640×480 and at 60 frames per second, with an option to get a higher resolution at a lower fps.

The build process for the port is available to watch on YouTube, and it’s also available on GitHub as well. Installing Quake 1 will require the Quake assets, Xcode and Mac code compiling.

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