Home Beauty To Tia Mowry, Gray Hairs Are “a Gift” — Interview

To Tia Mowry, Gray Hairs Are “a Gift” — Interview

To Tia Mowry, Gray Hairs Are “a Gift” — Interview


After hearing that, I could understand why the Family Reunion actor happily welcomed her grays growing in, which can send others into a mild panic. The salt-and-pepper look is cute, no doubt, but to the Disney veteran, her new gray hair served as a sign that she was aging. “To me, it is a gift to age. It means that you are still here,” she says. “As you are getting older, you are still alive, and to me, that is something to be celebrated.”

Going forward, Mowry wants to continue experimenting with different hairstyles and simply having fun with her hair, or crown as she likes to call it. “I feel like my hair has become an accessory,” she says. It’s just another extension of her outfit. Expect to see the star trying out different hair colors; she loved adding blonde to her birthday braids for the first time.

Inadvertently, Mowry’s hair journey helped her learn how to love her entire self as she is, too. her body, too. She isn’t trying to curate looks that fit an aesthetic. “In my authentic self, I am enough, and I define what is beauty to me.”

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