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Here’s Apple’s explanation of what you can expect if you enable the setting:When you choose 80% Limit, your iPhone will charge up to about 80 percent and then stop...

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Prominent Consciousness Theory Is Slammed as Bogus Science

A letter, signed by 124 scholars and posted online last week, has caused an uproar in the consciousness research community. It claims that...

Not Once Has Ariana Grande Worn Her Hair Like This — See Photos

Before Ariana Grande was known as a pop sensation with a ridiculously high ponytail, I knew her as the red-headed Cat on Victorious....

Project Veritas Lays Off Staff, Suspends Operations: Report

Project Veritas, the right-wing video operation known for its heavily edited clips of politicians, media figures and tech middlemen during hidden camera stings,...

The King Takes Flight: A Prehistoric “Elvis” Pterosaur Discovered For the First Time

When pterosaurs thrived, the world would have looked like a very different place. The climate was warmer, almost subtropical. And the Solnhofen archipelago...

Don’t panic if you see balloons hovering during America’s two upcoming solar eclipses.

During the morning on Saturday, Oct. 14 over 50 balloons will float 20 miles (32 kilometers) up in the stratosphere over Oregon, Nevada,...


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Everything you need to know about the re-reboot of your favourite childhood flick.


Trump Demands House GOP ‘Defund’ Criminal Cases Against Him

WASHINGTON ― Coup-attempting former President Donald Trump demanded that House Republicans use the looming threat of a government shutdown to “defund” the federal criminal prosecutions against him.“Republicans in...

Magnesium and Salt Water for Skin

Table of Contents I’m a big fan of natural sea salt and magnesium. Not only is salt important in food but salt water is...

Podcast Stirs Debate After Saying Stay-At-Home Moms Don’t Have A Real Job

Two podcasters are catching heat on TikTok from moms after some controversial opinions from their podcast went viral. Jennifer Welch and Angie Sullivan...

Bloombert Outlines Succession Plan for Bloomberg L.P.

As he kicks off a new campaign to use his wealth to block the construction of petrochemical plants, Michael R. Bloomberg outlined the...
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