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Wear to Work Comfort & Style with Studio by Torrid

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Torrid has been busy. From the brand going public with an IPO, to seating a new CEO for the brand, and the recent community call-in, these changes have been at the forefront of Torrid’s largest collection launch. Studio by Torrid is a new “versatile collection that pairs elevated professionalism with fashion and comfort.”

Image via Torrid

As Torrid has realized the community’s need for fashion forward options, Studio by Torrid was specifically created and designed to “meet growing customer demand.” In this collection, we get over 60 pieces that are “sexy, sophisticated, and crafted with Torrid’s superior fit.”

“As a brand committed to empowering women, we set out to create a collection that offers Torrid customers fashion and comfort combined with a sexy, sophisticated fit for optimal confidence. Our customers want to get dressed up again and have been asking for polished styles to wear to work with versatility to wear out after…And Studio by Torrid is designed for just that.”

Lisa Harper, Chief Executive Officer, Torrid

Studio by Torrid
Image via Torrid

What Can You Expect from Studio by Torrid?

We’ve recently shared plus size wear to work essentials, and Studio by Torrid is a collection that specifically address this need and huge opportunity for any retailer. As many are contemplating returning into the office this fall, what does one wear? How do we transition from the comfort of loungewear and sweats into suiting and business casual options?

Studio by Torrid
Image via Torrid

Studio by Torrid is the newest venture into a collection that blends the brand’s expertise in quality and fit with comfort, fashion and the sophistication of professional style, up through a size 30.

Studio by Torrid
Image via Torrid

Studio by Torrid features plus size workwear staples in new and expanded luxury fabrications and silhouettes. We are getting a great workwear foundation that allows for more personality, playfulness, and style.

Studio by Torrid introduces:

Studio by Torrid
Image via Torrid
  • Suiting, tops, blazers, pants, skirts and dresses made of elevated, refined wovens and wrinkle-resistant fabrications offering abundant stretch for extra comfort
  • Blouses and shirts made of easy-to-care-for crepe and tissue jerseys
  • Sweaters made of vegan cashmere
  • New Wide Leg Trousers made of Studio Luxe Ponte and designed with the new Comfort Flex Waistband
  • Trend-forward monochromatic pant suit sets offered in shades of periwinkle, emerald green, ruby red and more

The Studio by Torrid Collection retails for $29.50–$109.50 and is available in size 10 through 30.

Studio by Torrid
Image via Torrid

Shop Studio by Torrid in stores nationwide and online at www.TORRID.com.

And from what we hear, this is only the beginning. That this collection is expecting to drop additional newness in various categories, throughout the season.

So, the million-dollar question is:

Is this the change and elevation that you want to see from Torrid? Do they fill a gap in your closet? Do they give you options that you’ve been wanting from them?

We are curious to see how, those of you who love these options, will make them your own. That red suit has our interest piqued, that is for sure…

Sound off and let us know what you think about the new Studio by Torrid collection, in the comment section below!

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