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Watch Christina Milian’s Preteen Daughter Try To Dial A Rotary Phone

Watch Christina Milian’s Preteen Daughter Try To Dial A Rotary Phone


Some elder millennials and Gen-X members might remember living in a home with a rotary phone. Y’know, that old device where you didn’t press buttons to dial a number and instead had to turn the dial a certain amount of times in order to call someone? What a time to be alive!

A new TikTok trend involves parents teasing their tween and teen kids, seeing if they can figure out how a rotary phone works. Singer and actor Christina Milian tried the trend on her 12-year-old daughter and the outcome was hysterical.

The “Dip It Low” singer, 41, shared a hilarious video of her with her daughter, Violet Madison, 12, as the two browse what looks to be a thrift store. They stand besides a shelf with some rotary phones, where Milian then challenges Violet to see if she can figure out how one of them works.

“Kids these days will never know ☎️,” she joked in the post’s caption. “Saw this on TikTok and knew I had to try this out with my kid. I’m ☠️…”

Violet seems confident at first, claiming she already knows how to use a rotary phone. However, when her mom asks her if she can dial 9-1-1, she struggles while giggling with her mom.

Finally, Milian walks Violet through how to actually use the phone, helping her place her fingers in the right holes and making sure she turns the dial all the way. At the end of the tutorial, Violet jokingly picks up the phone, pretending to be on the phone with a 9-1-1 operator.

“Hello? My mom is making me use this phone, help!” she jokes.

The Love Don’t Cost A Thing actor shares Violet with ex, The Dream. She is also a mom to two sons — Kenna, 18 months, and Isaiah, 2½ — with husband Matt Pokora.

Milian’s sweet and funny moment with Violet echoes her views on being a working mom — just do what you can. In a super relatable moment, she mentioned that social media can really make moms play the comparison game and end up feeling a lot of guilt that they’re not doing enough.

She told Ebony during an October 2022 interview, “My advice is to do what you can handle. As a working mom, I think it’s important to not fall into seeing Instagram and social media and thinking you’re not doing enough,” she said. I think we always feel like we’re not doing enough, whether it’s at home or for work.”

“But don’t be hard on yourself. We all have our own stories to tell,” she explained.

As for Violet and raising a teen, Milian says that she’s the best big sister. When asked how Violet handles having younger siblings, Milian responded, “She’s been asking me forever for a younger sibling!”



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