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The 5 Best Baby Carriers For Plus-Size Moms

The 5 Best Baby Carriers For Plus-Size Moms


Shopping for wearable baby gear as a plus-size parent often comes with its own unique set of considerations. It’s hard enough to find a model that looks easy to strap your baby into, but then there’s also the question: “Will this work for me?” The good news? The best baby carriers for plus-size moms and dads (and any and all caregivers, for that matter) are made with all body types in mind. Whether designed to fit plus-size parents or compatible with waist-belt extenders, our favorite baby carriers are, above all else, comfortable for the wearer and safe for baby.

So, what should you consider when shopping for baby carriers for plus-size bodies? First, while most baby carriers claim to be one-size-fits-all, it’s crucial to pay attention to the waist specifications. Most of our picks below fit up to 4XL, or around 53- to 55-inch waists. Secondly, check to see if the straps are adjustable for a comfortable fit. Finally, consider if you want a carrier that grows with your baby and/or features more than one carrying position. (Tip: If you want a carrier that fits up to a certain age, your best bet is sizing by the maximum weight it can hold. We included each carrier’s maximum weight for easy reference.)

We read all the reviews, noted all the specs, and sourced the best carriers in all categories below to help you find the perfect one for you and baby.

1. The Overall Best Baby Carrier For Plus-Size Moms

This machine-washable baby carrier and parent-favorite is ready to carry your newborn from the get-go (no additional accessories necessary) all the way through toddlerhood — up to 45 pounds. With padded, adjustable straps that can be worn crisscross for a snug hold or straight across, plus lumbar support across the back, comfort is king. Your baby can be worn facing you, facing out, on your hip, or on your back. Plus, there’s a detachable pouch for storing your mom essentials, and even a hood for baby for sun and rain protection. The waist belt has a maximum length of 55.25 inches.

Helpful Review: “You get what you pay for, and in my opinion, this carrier is a must-have splurge for all new moms and dads alike. It offers my 7-month-old daughter a comfortable ride (she loves forward-facing walks) without compromising my comfort, and a more stimulating, eye-level view of the world. […] The carrier personally hugs me (currently 190 lbs and would qualify as ‘plus’ size) and supports my back and shoulders so I can carry her for a long time. I’m excited to keep growing with her in this (she can be carried in her up to 45 lbs if I want/need her to be) and trying all the positions I can wear her in!”

Baby Weight Recommendation: 7 to 45 pounds | Waist Belt Fits: accommodates from 25.5 to 55.25 inches | Adjustable Straps: Yes | Available Colors: 6 | Material: 100% Cotton

2. The Best Affordable Baby Carrier

There isn’t a single baby carrier on Amazon that features more reviews from plus-size parents than this Infantino baby carrier. It’s clearly a winner thanks to its extra large ergonomic waistband (it adjusts up to 55 inches) and comfortable straps. Plus, it’s a workhorse. You’ve got durability in design, longevity in use (from baby to toddler), plus six pockets so you can carry your kid and all their necessities. With four carry options (two facing in, one front-facing out, and one on the back), all designed to equally distribute your kiddo’s weight, it doesn’t get much better, especially for this low price.

Helpful Review: “I am a fluffy momma and worried about it being too small or simply not fitting. Many reviewers said it was perfect for larger moms so I finally bit the bullet and purchased […] I was able to put it on, adjust it and then take it off myself. I’m a 2x and even have an extra 8+ inches around the waist (YAY!). Even had to pull tight around chest/shoulders so there is definitely room for people with a broader chest/shoulders. In other words, this carrier was made for plus sized parents/caregivers in mind. A family member is a 3x. I believe she is a size 24/26 in pants. This carrier fit her just fine. It was not tight at all. Because the back fasteners are adjustable (can be raised/lowered), the straps did not cut into my armpits.”

Baby Weight Recommendation: 8 to 40 pounds | Waist Belt Fits: accommodates up to 55 inches | Adjustable Straps: Yes | Available Colors: 2 | Material: Polyester, Polyurethane

3. The Best Plus-Size Baby Wrap

Forget the rings, buckles, and belts. This comfortable baby wrap comes in six sizes, with X-Large fitting the equivalent of women’s dress sizes 22-24 or men’s jacket 47-52. And it’s easier to wear than you think. Some baby wraps require knots and elaborate looping but this one slides on as easy as your favorite maternity tee. The versatile sling offers five different carrying positions, from newborns to upright toddlers. No matter how you position it, this highly rated sling distributes weight evenly so that your back and your baby are equally supported.

Helpful Review: “This is so easy to use and my baby loves it. As a plus size mom it is hard to find baby carriers that fit comfortably…especially wraps and slings. This is PERFECT!!!! I will be buying another one as a backup.”

Baby Weight Recommendation: 8 up to 35 pounds; under 8 lbs. consult doctor first | Waist Belt Fits: accommodates up to dress size 24 | Adjustable Straps: Yes | Available Colors: 18 | Material: Cotton

4. The Best Toddler Carrier For Plus-Size Moms

This raved-about toddler carrier is built specifically for LOs who have quickly entered toddler status and can accommodate up to 60 (!) pounds. With three carrying positions (front, hip, and back) and lumbar support, you can comfortable carry your toddler when a stroller is out of the question. The breathable mesh offers a cooler carry which makes this one perfect for longer treks, from amusement parks and airports to long walks and hikes — but it’s also machine-washable when things get sweaty. It comes with a removable hood and a set of zippered cargo pockets for carrying on-the-go essentials. According to the brand, the LÍLLÉbaby Baby Carrier fits up to 48-inch waists but the waistband extender (sold separately) adds an additional 9.5 inches to fit up to 57.5 inches.

Helpful Review: “I purchased this carrier to use with my very big 1.5-year-old during our 2-week vacation to Costa Rica. It was very comfortable to wear him and neither of us felt hot even in the hot rainforest. I am a plus size mommy so this carrier can fit up to size 20 (depending where you carry your weight).”

Baby Weight Recommendation: 25 to 60 pounds | Waist Belt Fits: accommodates up to 48 inches, waist belt extender adds 9.5 inches (for 57.5 inches total) | Adjustable Straps: Yes | Available Colors: 7 | Material: Cotton

5. The Best Hip Seat Baby Carrier For Plus-Size Parents

Who heard our cries for a baby carrier and fanny pack in one?! This genius hip carrier helps absorb some of your kiddo’s weight so you can pick ‘em up and put ‘em down as quickly as their whims come and go. The carrier is sturdy and ergonomic to support your back, and it only weighs a single pound. As is, it fits a 24- to 44-inch waist but the affordable waistband extender adds an extra 24 inches to fit up to 71 inches.

Helpful Review: “Our son is a big dude – 25 lbs at 8 months old – and I’m a plus-sized mom, so I was a little worried this wouldn’t work for us. The waist belt fits (but barely – I’m a size 18/20) and my son has no problem sitting on the seat for extended periods of time. Using this seat has helped save my back, and I can walk and stand normally rather than bent over trying to support my son’s weight.”

Baby Weight Recommendation: 8 to 45 pounds | Waist Belt Fits: accommodates from 24 to 44 inches; waist extender fits up to 71 inches (sold separately) | Available Colors: 2 | Material: Polyester



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