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Microsoft PC Game Pass now shows game lengths based on different playstyles

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What just happened? Microsoft has added another feature to its already packed PC Game Pass service: game listings now show details on how long a title takes to complete. Helpfully, this isn’t restricted to just averages as it includes four different times based on how you like to play titles.

Microsoft partnered with HowLongToBeat, a community-driven website specializing in game lengths, to implement the new PC Game Pass feature. Just select a game on the service, and you’ll see how much of your life it’ll take up in the Details section.

There are four estimated times in the listing. Main Story is for those few people who like to blast through the primary campaign/story without doing anything else, so this style will take the least time.

Next is Main + Extras. This adds extras such as additional quests/missions, medals, and unlockables to the Main Story time. Completionist, which is obviously the longest, is for those who feel compelled to 100% a game, uncovering every single thing there is to see and do. Finally, there’s All Styles. This takes into consideration all the playstyles to give an estimated average time.

It’s also possible to click on the View Details link. This directs to the HowLongToBeat website for a more detailed breakdown of the times, and lets users submit their own. The site also includes community and critic reviews and playthrough notes.

A quick look at Assassin’s Creed Odyssey shows an All Styles time of 91 hours, which is about how long this writer spent on the adventure. It’s interesting to see Forza Horizon 5 showing 36 hours for Main Story + Extras and a massive 101 hours for Completionist.

Microsoft writes that in addition to the new feature, the PC Xbox app now launches up to 15% faster and includes fixes that have improved its responsiveness. Additionally, search results will return 20% faster, and Microsoft says player reports of games that didn’t download or didn’t install successfully have been reduced by nearly half.

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