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Lizzo Turned Hairstyling Strips Into the Cutest, Most Unexpected Hair Accessory — See Photos

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There have been many times that I’ve left my house with a scarf, durag, or lace melting band tied tightly to ensure every single strand of my hair or wig is slicked back or firmly glued in place by the time I arrive at my destination. Many Black women know exactly what I’m talking about, including Lizzo who did something similar right before stepping into Beyoncé’s 41st birthday bash. 

On September 11, the day after the icon’s birthday, Lizzo posted a slideshow of flicks showing off her bright red outfit and her beau, Myke Wright, who had an equally as vibrant magenta suit. Two of the five photos feature the cute couple while the rest show the pop star in the back of a car with a high ponytail wrapped with a thick dark gray strip.  

At first, I thought the wide band was a headband, meant to complement her sporty-esque Gucci ensemble. Soon I realized it was most likely the hair wrapping papers you can get from a beauty supply store. Regardless, Lizzo still managed to look like a top model in the backseat with her hands and bright red claws on top of the simple wrap. The second and last photos show the final hairstyle sans the wrap. Her sky-high ponytail resembles a ’60s-style bouffant with swooped wispy baby hairs covering her forehead, which you can see in pictures two and five.   

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