Home Parenting Jennifer Garner’s Cinnamon Sugar Toast Recipe Is “Mom Hero Status”

Jennifer Garner’s Cinnamon Sugar Toast Recipe Is “Mom Hero Status”

Jennifer Garner’s Cinnamon Sugar Toast Recipe Is “Mom Hero Status”


Jennifer Garner isn’t just a phenomenal actress; she’s also a phenomenal mom. You already know. Time and time again, she’s taken to TikTok with sweet recipes and “hacks” that prove she puts in the work. Now she’s back with a cinnamon sugar toast recipe that is just a little bit over-the-top but wildly delicious, fairly easy and quick, and adds just the right amount of love.

Granted, the cinnamon sugar toast you grew up with probably wasn’t quite as easy as cereal or Pop-Tarts, so it was the kind of breakfast treat you didn’t get every day. All too often, morning chaos has us all reaching for the most convenient option. People are trying to shake things up, though! Between sheet pan pancakes and fancy “breakfastables,” many moms have spun a quick breakfast in new directions.

But let’s face it: Cinnamon sugar toast feels special. For most of us, biting into a slice of toasted bread with way too much butter, sugar, and cinnamon feels like coming home. It’s that special treat your mom made you before a big test or on a special day — a slice could fill your love cup until it ran over. It was already perfect. And then Jen Garner entered the game by calling our attention to an updated method for making this classic snack.

In one quick move, she’s taken an already delicious breakfast tradition and turned it into something gourmet. The love cup is now a fountain.

The clutch move? Tossing the cinnamon toast into a skillet, a hack she credits NYT Cooking for. Why it’s extra good? It caramelizes the sugar and gives the toast an extra sweet crunch on top.

Jennifer Garner’s Cinnamon Toast Recipe

All you need to make this updated version is bread, butter, cinnamon, sugar, and a skillet. (Get the full recipe at NYT Cooking or from Jennifer Garner’s IG post.)

You’ll need to go old school and first spread your bread with butter, then coat it with cinnamon and sugar on both sides. This is where things take a turn. Next, you’ll toss your pre-coated bread into a pre-warmed skillet on medium-high heat. When you start to smell the melting sugar, flip it. Cut, serve, and enjoy “hero mom status.”


  • Is this excessive? Of course. Adding the skillet step will probably add a couple of minutes to your routine and another dish to the pile in the sink. You do not have to do this! It is, however, freaking delicious if you do try it, even just once.
  • Consider toasting the bread first. Garner doesn’t. After trying both ways, toasting the bread first just helps the toast hold its structure a little better.

Other Ways To Make Toast Special

If you’re in a rut, Garner’s cinnamon toast spin is one way to take things to a new level. But there are so many amazing ways to make toast that can make it feel special. Try…

  • Give it a name. (i.e. Toast with peanut butter is “Mimi Toast” and toast with just butter is “Mommy Toast.”)
  • Try pumpkin spice seasoning instead of “just” cinnamon.
  • Mix cinnamon, sugar, and a little cocoa powder for an even warmer spin.
  • Add peanut butter or any other nut butter.
  • Add fruit. (Peanut butter and banana slices or Nutella and strawberries, perhaps?)
  • Use a tropical fruit spread… and then some Tajin seasoning.
  • Add sprinkles! This is often called “fairy toast.” Sprinkles are just sugar, y’all. It’s not that weird.
  • Sprinkle with shaved nuts or your favorite seeds full of nutrients.

No Shame In The Game

There’s nothing wrong with cereal, breakfast bars, or any other packaged breakfast treat. Being a mama. Raising a kid. Mornings. They’re all hard. You absolutely do not have to “take breakfast to another level.” If you wanted to, though, Garner’s cinnamon toast might be the perfect way to do it. Time for a second piece!



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