Home Technology Flickr adds a fourth content category for virtual photography

Flickr adds a fourth content category for virtual photography

Flickr adds a fourth content category for virtual photography


Why it matters: Categories make it easier to filter search results by interest. For example, restricting a query to the virtual photography category would exclude real-world imagery or other types of illustration that would otherwise muddy the results. Admins of content groups will also be able to leverage the new content category to streamline management responsibilities. Simply visit the admin panel and update the accepted content type to implement any desired changes.

While AI-generated artwork is causing headaches and prompting bans from some online communities, another form of digital expression is gaining traction on Flickr.

The photo sharing site has launched a new content category for virtual photography, an emerging art form consisting of photos taken inside video games or virtual worlds. Up to this point, Flicker has had three categories to choose from when uploading content: photos, art / illustration and screenshots.

The image hosting site said screenshots didn’t fully cater to the needs of virtual photographers, hence the addition.

Photo mode has become increasingly popular among gamers and now ships as a default mode in many AAA titles. A study conducted last year by Repair Outlet found Ghost of Tsushima, Horizon Zero Dawn and No Man’s Sky to be among the most picturesque video games based on Instagram sharing.

Speaking of, several developers including CD Projekt Red and Hideo Kojima regularly share in-game images from the community on social media. It’s a great (and free) way to advertise and for some, having their content shared with the world equates to their 15 minutes of fame.

Flickr said users are free to decide how to classify their content. That said, the new category is being introduced with two specific types of photography in mind: video game photos and content shared by the Second Life community.

Regardless of content type, Flickr is quick to remind users that it is against their guidelines to upload content in which they do not own the copyright to. More information on content types can be found in Flickr’s FAQ.



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