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34 Fall 2022 Hair Trends We’re All About This Season

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Ahh, the fall. The time when we all dig our sweaters out of storage, swap our bright colors for moodier hues, and start listening to Taylor Swift again. It’s also time to start thinking about fall 2022 hair trends. Summer can be tough on hair — between the heat, the sun, and the chlorine or salt water — you may be left with depleted strands by the time the leaves start to change. That’s why fall is the perfect time for a hair refresh.

Now that it’s a bit cooler (bangs and sweat never did get along) we can update sun-bleached color or try new silhouettes that won’t just be thrown up into a ponytail to avoid heat flashes. Or—if you’re really ready for a reset—cut all that summer hair off and start over.

When it comes to fall 2022 hair trends, we’re doubling down on the ’90s styles that started creeping back into the ether over the summer. What was once a few butterfly clips is now twice as many. Auburn has turned into Ginger Spice-orange. And we’re taking updo cues from TRL music videos and Delias catalogs.

Stylists are seeing more transitional colors — warm caramel highlights, bright coppers, shadow roots, and “brondes” — but that doesn’t mean we’re playing it safe. Those with bold proclivities are experimenting with two-tone hair and moodier colors like hazy purples and Barbie-inspired pinks.

Ready for a change? Here, you’ll find all the inspiration you need for fall 2022 hairstyles, colors, and cuts. Bust out that “Folklore” vinyl and start thinking autumn.

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