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16 Being pregnant Phrases That Sound Like One thing They’re Not

16 Being pregnant Phrases That Sound Like One thing They’re Not


The English language is stuffed with bizarre phrases. Tittynope. Winklepicker. Bibble. When you have the time you possibly can actually fall down fairly the rabbit gap – and perhaps rating some factors at your subsequent trivia night time.

However these on a regular basis phrases don’t maintain a candle to the weirdness that occurs while you get pregnant. As a result of ya know, what’s useful while you’re experiencing one thing as weird as rising an entire ass child from simply two cells is describing issues in a means that sounds such as you’re taking part in a consuming recreation. Tremendous useful.

Now after all a few of these make good sense in the event you’re within the medical discipline, otherwise you majored in Latin. For the remainder of us lowly mortals, nevertheless, these phrases usually result in extra questions than solutions – or on the very least, an disagreeable visible.

Listed here are 16 of probably the most absurd being pregnant phrases and phrases that would actually use an improve:


What it appears like: The title of your neighbor’s babysitter who attends Cochella, wears crop tops whatever the climate and hasn’t met a floppy hat she wouldn’t placed on Instagram.

What it’s: The bloody discharge that exhibits up after the child will get right here and sticks round for about 6 weeks too lengthy.


What it appears like: One thing you’d discover being served at a cultured Italian joint that you simply didn’t know what it was, however you ordered it anyway as a result of it got here with garlic butter, Parmesan, and asparagus.

What it’s: The very positive hair that covers your child whereas they’re in utero. Typically they’re born with it, different occasions it falls out earlier than they pull the ripcord (or are ejected out the sunroof).

Irritable Uterus

What it appears like: A gender-inclusive neo-punk band which may carry out at a sure Supreme Courtroom Justice’s home and get accused of harassment.

What it’s: When the uterus often contracts with out shortening the cervix or progressing labor.

Bloody Present

What it appears like: Quentin Tarantino’s subsequent cinematic launch the place he removes any semblance of a plot, and simply will get to the murdery bits.

What it’s: That magical second while you go your mucus plug. Typically it’s apparent, both due to texture, amount and/or colour, and different occasions it’s much less of a present and extra of a drawn out occasion.

Stalled Labor

What it appears like: The error message your printer provides you each time you attempt to print one thing essential.

What it’s: While you’re in labor with common, established contractions, and so they area out or cease all collectively.

Fundal Therapeutic massage

What it appears like: One thing you’d do to tofu earlier than you make a stir fry.

What it’s: A not-so-relaxing therapeutic massage of the highest of your uterus (the fundus) carried out by your medical group after you ship your child to agency up your uterus and cut back bleeding.

Cervical Hostility

What it appears like: Danielle Metal and Tom Clancy’s NYT bestseller a couple of lady who was wrongly fired from the CIA, and finally ends up stopping World Battle III utilizing her wit, attractiveness, and (clearly) her cervix.

What it’s: When the pH of the cervical mucus kills off or hinders the advance of the sperm earlier than it will get to the egg. Plot twist: what if the sperm are simply weak? You ever consider that?

Incompetent Cervix

What it appears like: What autocorrect changed your rushed and unintelligible textual content try at saying “essential modifications” with, and ended up making it reaaaaaaally awkward together with your coworker.

What it’s: When your cervical tissue opens or weakens prematurely. (We’ve acquired an awesome piece on a profitable cerclage placement right here.)

Maternity Depart

What it appears like (to naive individuals): V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N

What it’s: Hell. Heaven. Chaos. Bliss. Every part good and the whole lot onerous. An entire metamorphosis.

Lightning Crotch

What it appears like: The origin story for Marvel’s subsequent superhero, Bolt Babe.

What it’s: A pointy, inner ache that zaps your nether areas while you’re pregnant (or, in the event you’re actually fortunate, generally while you’re not.) Huzzah!

Labor Down

What it appears like: A command you’d give a working canine once they’re all performed for the day as a result of they’re a Very Good Canine and so they deserve a relaxation and a deal with.

What it’s: Deliberately not pushing for 1-2 hours after you enter the second stage of labor. (That is not greatest observe, so hold that in thoughts in the event you’re writing a start plan or interviewing care suppliers.)

Lazy Uterus

What it appears like: One thing you’d see in an ice dancing competitors that entails holding your arms out like fallopian tubes, after which meandering (gracefully) across the ice.

What it’s: When your uterus doesn’t contract after start, doubtlessly inflicting some severe issues (hemorrhaging), and one motive for the ol’ Fundal Therapeutic massage we discovered about earlier.

Grand Multiparity

What it appears like: A member of the Royal Household. Most likely very outdated. Most likely wears garments that appear like curtains and value greater than your automotive.

What it’s: Giving start 5 or extra occasions.


What it appears like: A pest management firm based mostly in a strip mall subsequent to an insurance coverage firm and a celebration provide retailer.

What it’s: The white, tacky trying protecting protecting newborns once they’re first born. It is fabricated from fatty acids, protein, and water and acts as a moisturizing barrier on your child’s pores and skin.

Geriatric Being pregnant

What it appears like: One thing you’d see on the duvet of a Nationwide Enquirer subsequent to a photograph of a UFO and Elvis, alive and effectively.

What it’s: Being pregnant after the age of 70…oh wait, no, HALF of 70. 35. Being pregnant over the age of 35. Ouch. (For the report, there are significantly better alternate options out there for the worst offenders on the listing, together with this one, however not in every single place is utilizing them.)

What phrase or phrase actually will get your goat with regards to being pregnant or past?

These phrases are only a tiny smattering of what is on the market, floating round complicated and low-key offending pregnant girls as they go from one to 2 (or extra!) to at least one once more. Which one bugs you probably the most? Let me know within the feedback beneath!

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