Home Technology You’re split over your current phone having an in-box charger

You’re split over your current phone having an in-box charger

You’re split over your current phone having an in-box charger


oneplus 10t standing with box and charger

Ryan Haines / Android Authority

We were interested in finding out whether Android Authority readers got a charger in the box with their current phone. So we posted a poll last week, and here’s how that turned out.

Did your current phone come with a charger?


Just over 1,400 votes were counted in this poll as of writing, and it turned out to be a close race. However, a small majority of respondents (54.21%) said their current phone came with an in-box charger.

Prominent phones mentioned by readers in this regard include the OnePlus 10 Pro, OnePlus 8T, Oppo Find X5 series, Samsung Galaxy S20 FE, Samsung Galaxy S20, Sony Xperia 1 III, and Xiaomi 12 Pro.

On the other hand, 45.79% of surveyed readers said their current phone didn’t come with a charger. According to the comments section, these phones included the Pixel 6 Pro, Apple’s iPhones, and the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.


  • Stanley Kubrick: All the OnePlus phones I have received, as well as the one I am using now, all came with chargers and cables! AND, their phones work great no matter what people say about them as a company.
  • M.Rao: Recently I bought a samsung S 22 ultra for $1200/- and it was my 1st from samsung, my favorite was xiomi. So it was frustrating to see that there is no charger n it needs a high end high capacity charger, how can the Samsung expe me to have a charger like that?? And I have to buy one from Amazon paying $30.
  • Tennisfreak: My S20 came with a charger. When it comes to chargers in the box I am of the opinion: If the phone boasts and advertises special super fast charging that requires a specific charger it should come in the box. If there is no special charger required then I dont care if its in the box.
  • Beardednomad: My OnePlus 10 Pro not only came with a charger, it came with a charger powerful enough to charge all my devices including both my laptop and chromebook.
  • Jim Smith: I have many more chargers laying around than devices to charge them with. No, it doesn’t bother me that I didn’t get another one.
  • Marc Spanjol: With all the different charging standards a charger should be included. Sooner or later people choose the phone for an included charger as otherwise all the fast charging won’t work due to every maker cooking its own charging soup. Had a Samsung a while back and it complained about the charger not being compatible to charge the phone, what the hell…
  • Hasib: My OnePlus 8T came with a 65W charger. Still a hidden gem in the world of smartphones today
  • Wongwatt: My OPPO Find X5 came with a SuperVOOC charger, fortunate really because I didn’t have one of those and I always sell my phones on with the charger anyway.
  • Commentor: My Xiaomi 12 pro came with its 120w charger, prefer phones are supplied with chargers as many models offer faster charging its pointless to use existing slower chargers, family members purchased the new iPhones & I reccommended to buy the matching chargers, as otherwise you are missing out on the faster charging capability
  • Robert Cassidy: Samsung didn’t send a charger with the phone, but it gave me a $100 voucher to buy a charger and a phone protector.
  • superwolfkin: Pixel 6 pro no. Charger



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