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You certainly don’t have multiple users on your phones

You certainly don’t have multiple users on your phones


Multiple users on smartphone edited

Hadlee Simons / Android Authority

Android phones have supported multiple users for a while, allowing you to switch to a different profile on your device. This is a similar approach to users on computers, giving each user their own wallpaper, apps, and more.

It’s a fixture on PCs but do Android Authority readers actually use multiple user functionality on their phones? That’s the question we posed last week, and here’s how you answered it.

Do you have multiple users on your Android phone?


Almost 1,800 votes were cast in this survey, and the results show that the vast majority of respondents don’t have multiple users on their phones. At least one reader comment suggests that phones are too personal for multiple users.

Otherwise, just under 17% of surveyed readers say they have multiple users on their smartphones. Reader comments suggest that this functionality is used for work/personal division and for people with kids.

We’re nevertheless glad to see Android phones still offering this feature, even if it’s better suited to tablets and Android TV devices. Aside from the aforementioned reasons, this could also be particularly handy for phones with a desktop mode, allowing you to treat it more like a PC in terms of user profiles.


  • roaduardo: No way. Phone’s too personal for that, IMO. This is better for tablets and PCs, I think.
  • Aashish: Why would I? My phone is mine, not someone else’s. With mobiles been so common these days, everyone can have their own.
  • serge bureau: I will with the new update on galaxy phones, it will be much easier than now. Having a work and personal is a must ! And if you have a kid playing on your phone it is vital !!! Those who say no, are totalling missing the point.
  • Greg Currie: Only because my kids accounts aren’t allowed if they are not the main account. At least it makes them charge their own phones but it still seems backwards.
  • Rac3r4Life: I have 2 users on my phone, but they are both for me. One user is for all my personal stuff and the other is all my work stuff. I’ve got a Pixel 6 and I utilize the dual SIM feature with the eSIM to have both my work and personal phone numbers on a single device.
  • Kira: Absolutely no.



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