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WSJ columnist Ruffenach retires – Talking Biz News

WSJ columnist Ruffenach retires – Talking Biz News


Glenn Ruffenach

Glenn Ruffenach, who wrote the “Ask Encore” retirement column for the Wall Street Journal, has retired.

In his last column, Ruffenach writes, “This is my final column for the Journal. At age 70, I’m hanging up my laptop, as it were, to start a new job: caring full time for my wife. I certainly never imagined this (and neither did my wife). But as privileges go, I can’t think of one I’d rather have.

“The change is bittersweet. I love journalism; I love the written word. I also have loved, for 40 years, working with my colleagues at the Journal, the most talented, supportive and honorable friends imaginable. (As an aside, my byline appears at the top of these columns. What you don’t see are the names of the Journal’s editors and their unsung efforts to shape and polish my articles and all the articles in these pages. They are my heroes.)

“Most important, I thank the readers of this column. I have heard from thousands of people, some of whom questioned whether my skills could be better employed elsewhere (say, selling shoes), but most of whom were generous to a fault with their comments, insights and suggestions. I apologize to the many (many) readers whose questions I was unable to answer. I hope the columns themselves provided some useful maps to navigate retirement’s waters.”

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