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Tucker Carlson Goes Into Xenophobe Mode As He Warns Of Migrant Arrivals

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Tucker Carlson cautioned that migrants could have caused a “decline” on the mostly white and largely elite Martha’s Vineyard after they were flown there from Texas by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) this week.

Carlson remarked that Vineyard residents, who scrambled to welcome and care for the unexpected visitors, should thank DeSantis for the political antic and claimed if “government officials send you the blessed gift of diverse immigrants or refugees, you must accept.”

Carlson said on his show, “It doesn’t matter how disruptive these new people are. It’s irrelevant how much they cost to support or how dramatically your quality of life may decline after they arrive.”

“It doesn’t matter if the crime rate spikes, if your daughter is afraid to go outside, if the schools become unusable, the hospitals fall apart,” Carlson said. “It doesn’t matter, you never complain. You take it like a man.”

Carlson also disparaged Martha’s Vineyard residents for serving cereal to the migrants.

You can watch a number of clips from Carlson’s show below.

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