Home Parenting Tracy Morgan Has A Backyard Shark Tank For His 9-Year-Old Daughter

Tracy Morgan Has A Backyard Shark Tank For His 9-Year-Old Daughter

Tracy Morgan Has A Backyard Shark Tank For His 9-Year-Old Daughter


Tracy Morgan and his 9-year-old daughter Maven Sonae Morgan love sharks so much that they have a massive 20,000-gallon tank full of them in their backyard.

The SNL and 30 Rock alum and his daughter stopped by The Kelly Clarkson show and talked about how Maven hopes to become a marine biologist when she grows up. “She has a 20,000-gallon shark tank in our backyard,” Morgan explained.

“There’s 14 or 15 sharks in there, black tips, white tips,” he shared. “She wanted to study, so I put like eight tanks in the house, have the shark tank outside.”

Like his SNL character Brian Fellow, Morgan and his family are always looking for new exotic creatures to add to their tank’s growing ecosystem. In addition to the dozen-plus sharks in the tank, Morgan revealed that the family has a cone snail from Australia, which he described as “the most dangerous thing on the planet.” (Turns out they are highly venomous!)He also noted that professionals help him and his family safely maintain the tank with said dangerous things.

This isn’t the first time Morgan and his daughter have been in the public eye to help educate the public on sharks, either. Back in August, the father-daughter duo hosted a docuseries called Sharks! With Tracy Morgan as a part of Discovery’s wildly popular Shark Week.

“My daughter Maven knows more about sharks than most people know on the planet!” Morgan brags in a trailer for the series. The two then play a game called “You Don’t Know Shark” where they ask true or false questions about sharks — all of which Maven expertly answers.

Even back as a child himself, Morgan said that he had always loved sharks. “I’ve been into sharks ever since I saw Jaws as a kid. Any fish that could make white people scream and scurry out of the ocean like that, is alright with me,” he explained during Shark Week. “Sharks have been around for 450 million years, surviving five mass extinctions, six if you count my marriage,” he joked. “But it’s up to us to make sure they keep surviving.”

And given how Morgan goes above and beyond to support Maven, looks like she can grow up to be a marine biologist and do just that.



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