Home Technology The Weekly Authority: 💻 Google parts with Pixelbook

The Weekly Authority: 💻 Google parts with Pixelbook

The Weekly Authority: 💻 Google parts with Pixelbook


⚡ Welcome to The Weekly Authority, the Android Authority newsletter that breaks down the top Android and tech news from the week. The 212th edition here, with Pixel 7 storage options, OnePlus 11 Pro renders, Sony’s State of Play and Nintendo Direct highlights, an “easier” way to make cup noodles, and more.

🥶 This week I’m feeling quite smug to be writing this from the comfort of my new couch, in my new apartment. Ok, so I’m still not unpacked, but I made it! In other news, the temperature here in Scotland dropped to 6°C this morning, so I may need to unpack my sweaters first…

This week we’re wondering about the point of Thanko’s Cup Noodle Machine. Why does it exist? What’s its purpose? Exactly how much time is it supposed to save you? Who are these people that are too busy to boil water? Keep reading and you’ll find out exactly what we’re talking about.

Easier than boiling water

Since preparing cup noodles involves nothing more than peeling open the lid of the cup, boiling some water, adding it to the cup, and waiting for the ingredients to rehydrate, why would anyone create a gadget designed to simplify that process? Japan’s Thanko obviously thought the task could be easier.

  • The Makasetei looks a lot like a Keurig coffee machine.
  • This one takes noodle cups, not pods, though.
  • Just pop off the plastic seal, place your noodle cup on the device, lower the mechanism, add water, start the machine, and set a timer.
  • The Makasetei will automatically boil the water, add it to the cup, and then let you know when your noodley-goodness is ready.
  • It doesn’t exactly sound like one of the best smart kitchen tech products around.
  • Though Thanko’s no stranger to quirky gadgets, from its folding fan umbrella to its car rice cooker (yes, really).

We should add, the Makasetei will set you back $45, which seems like a lot to spend on a task that could easily be achieved with an electric kettle. Not to mention the kitchen counter real estate it’ll take up. True, it might come in handy if (like me) you’ve just moved house and have no idea which box you packed the kettle in. Or if you don’t own an electric kettle. And for those with a serious cup noodle habit, well, we guess it’s a bit of a novelty. Still… $45!



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