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Stephen Colbert Wrecks ‘Gaping’ A**hole Ron DeSantis With A Brutal Fact-Check

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“It turns out it was way worse than we imagined because he actually abducted them from Texas,” Colbert said. “For a guy who acts so concerned about borders he doesn’t seem to know where his state ends.”

DeSantis claimed the migrants were“intending to come to Florida.”

“C’mon,” he said. “No one intends to go to Florida.”

Colbert noted that there were just two reasons why people travel to the Sunshine State.

“You’re about to die and want to eat pudding next to an alligator,” he said. “Or you want to do that Disney thing where you can build your own lightsaber.”

Then, Colbert offered up a blunt answer to a trivia question about how much of an “asshole” DeSantis is:

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