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Seth Meyers Flags Trump Ally Who Just Made Him Look Really Bad

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“I just wish someone would put all the Trump scandals into, I don’t know, one giant list so we could get a sense of Trump’s corruption,” Meyers said on “Late Night” Wednesday. “I mean, maybe some young hotshot journalist intent on taking down the former president and the whole conservative establishment. Maybe someone like this man.”

Meyers then played a clip from “Hannity” Monday featuring the Fox News host attacking Democrats for being “obsessed with Trump investigations.” To demonstrate his point, Hannity rattled off a list of current and former probes into Trump’s conduct. It took more than a minute to read them all.

“Seriously, was that list supposed to make anyone other than Donald Trump look bad?” Meyers asked. “It’s like a reverse resume where you list all the reasons you’ve been fired from previous jobs.”

Watch the rest of Meyers’ commentary here:

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