Home Technology Purported images of four-slot, quad-fan Galax RTX 4090 card leak

Purported images of four-slot, quad-fan Galax RTX 4090 card leak

Purported images of four-slot, quad-fan Galax RTX 4090 card leak


Highly anticipated: Another third-party RTX 4000-series graphics card appears to have leaked ahead of Nvidia’s official Lovelace reveal next week. As with the previous Zotac model, this Galax Serious Gaming/SG card is a four-slot/three-fan monster, though it’s possible to add a fourth fan if you feel the need.

Galax North America tweeted a teaser for a new Serious Gaming, or SG, product—the cheapest brand in its line of cards. There isn’t much in the tweet besides the logo, but VideoCardz claims to have some renders.

The actual model of the card isn’t named, but it’s hard to imagine it being anything other than the RTX 4090, given the size and four-slot design. The SG card has three fans on the front, and, as with previous cards carrying the SG name, there’s the option to add a fourth fan on the back using the company’s 1-Clip technology.

The SG card has a 16-pin (12VHPWR) connector in the middle, which can deliver 600W across 12 rails, four times as much as an 8-pin connector. There’s also the usual array of RGB, including some snazzy lighting on the back fan.

The card’s packaging doesn’t give much away, though one of the hooded top-wearing figures that Galax uses for its RTX 3000 series is now wearing what could be a trademark-infringing Squid Game-style mask.

Last week we saw what is likely to be Zotac’s RTX 4090. It also has a four-slot design and a 16-pin PCIe Gen 5.0 (12VPWHR) connector, though its skateboard-like shape is proving divisive.

Nvidia’s GeForce Twitter account posted a couple of tweets yesterday to increase the hype around its Project Beyond RTX 4000 reveal on September 20. One of these marks the first time Nvidia has officially confirmed the Lovelace architecture name, while the other hinted at the AD102 GPU having a 629mm squared die size, 75 billion transistors, and more than twice the performance of the GA102 found in the RTX 3090 and RTX 3080.



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