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Oakywood’s Green Handmade Mouse Pads are 30% Off

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The humble mousepad is still considered an essential accessory for work, entertainment, and play. Today, the Oakywood Felt and Cork Mouse Mat Pad is down to just $25 from its original price of $35 on Amazon.

Aside from its primary use as a mouse pad, the Felt and Cork Pad offers a degree of protection against pen stains and spilled drinks. Used felt covers the upper surface and is made from eco-friendly merino wool. It’s non-toxic, safe for children, and water-resistant as well. Oh, and each pad is handcrafted for utmost quality.

The base holds true to the surface, thanks to 100% Portuguese cork which is also 100% biodegradable and doesn’t hurt trees. Wood, felt, and cork all add to a distinctive experience and is sure to liven up any space. Oakywood’s mouse pad is big enough to accommodate nearly every mouse and notebook you may have. Buy the discounted eco-friendly mouse pad today!

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