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Metal: Hellsinger might be the only rhythm game I’m good at

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Metal: Hellsinger’s rhythm mechanics are a match made in hell.

Metal: Hellsinger is the rhythm game that I always wanted but never knew. I’ve always liked rhythm games on a conceptual level, but despite being a child of the Dance Dance Revolution, none have evoked the same visceral reaction or trance-like state I got from Metal: Hellsinger. This is a game that drew tears from my eyes because I hadn’t blinked in over a minute and had me sighing after I defeated a boss because I’d been subconsciously holding my breath. And I needed more.

With clear inspiration from the reimagined Doom franchise, Hellsinger is a highly mobile first-person shooter available on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation 5 that has you performing everything to the beat of a metal soundtrack that features contributions from vocalists like…

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