Home Parenting ‘Love Is Blind’ Season 3 Hits In October! Release Date, Teaser, & More

‘Love Is Blind’ Season 3 Hits In October! Release Date, Teaser, & More

‘Love Is Blind’ Season 3 Hits In October! Release Date, Teaser, & More


As one enthusiastic cast member declares in the new Love Is Blind Season 3 teaser, “Boyfriend season is over!” Netflix’s smash hit reality series about singles looking for love by agreeing to be locked into pods where they converse with people they can’t see (whew, that’s a mouthful) is returning to the streamer this October. That’s right; the premiere date for your next batch of delightfully addicting episodes has officially been announced.

In terms of relationship longevity, the first two seasons produced varying results. Two couples from Season 1 are still married, but all of the couples from Season 2 have split. In a new interview with Tudum, creator Chris Coelen weighed in on why he isn’t too concerned with how long the couples last once the cameras stop rolling. “I don’t want [the cast] to think about whether or not they stay together,” Coelen said. “What I do care about is them going on a journey of discovery and getting to a place where they make the right decisions for them.”

He continued, “Whether a marriage lasts for their lifetime or whether it doesn’t, all of these moments and all these experiences have a really important place to play in peoples’ lives … Of course, it’s great that we have couples who are still together as a result of this experiment. But I think it would be just as fascinating if we didn’t have anybody still together.”

Read on for everything you need to know about Love Is Blind Season 3, including when the episodes will start rolling out on Netflix.

When will Love Is Blind Season 3 premiere?

The Season 3 premiere will be here just in time for cozy season, so go ahead and start planning on making your favorite soup and cuddling up on the couch with Netflix after the kids go to bed. The first four episodes of the season will debut on Oct. 19. After that, a new batch of episodes will drop each Wednesday until Nov. 9, when the finale and annual reunion episode will wrap up the third season.

Has the Love Is Blind Season 3 cast been announced?

Netflix hasn’t revealed details about the Season 3 cast just yet, but the streamer did share that filming took place in Dallas (Season 1 was filmed in Atlanta, and Season 2 was filmed in Chicago). Additionally, the new teaser reveals glimpses of several of the cast members who will be looking for love in the pods.

When asked by Tudum to describe the new cast, Coelen shared they were all eager to embark on such an unconventional path to find someone they could spend their lives with. “These people are all in,” he said. “They’re dynamic, fun, fascinating, layered, and vibrant. They’re truly committed to trying to go on a journey that’s going to find them love based on the noblest of reasons: who they are on the inside, and falling in love with someone for who they are.”

Even though the cast remains a mystery for now, fans can rest assured that Nick and Vanessa Lachey will once again be on hand to offer the in-the-dark contestants advice about whether or not they should walk down the aisle with someone they’ve never seen before.

Is there a Love Is Blind Season 3 teaser?

No full-length trailer has been released, but in addition to revealing when Season 3 will premiere, Netflix also served up a sneak peek at what’s ahead in the new episodes of Love Is Blind. In one scene, a contestant shouts, “Where are you at, wifey?” And in another, everyone clinks shot glasses. Add in a wedding dress try-on and one woman looking nervous as she prepares to see her match for the first time, and it becomes clear Love Is Blind Season 3 is going to be full of all of the twists, turns, and romance fans have come to expect from the hit reality series.



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