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Lizzo, What’s the Secret to Making Bumpit Hair Look This Good? — See Video

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There’s not a day that goes by when Lizzo doesn’t look exceptional. For instance, she stole the show at the Emmys on September 12 in a red tulle gown with her hair slicked into a slightly messy top knot by her stylist Shelby Swain; she left with an award for Outstanding Competition Program for her Amazon series Lizzo’s Watch Out for the Big Grrrls. Just a few days later, she reminded us why we love her looks with a mini pompadour and swooped edges that have matured well into their teenage years.

No hairstyle is off limits for the pop star, no matter how strange or extravagant it may be. This voluminous look, which she posted to Instagram on September 17, was on the tamer side for the Emmy winner. Her curled hair was swept over the side, creating a perfect pouf that not even a Bumpit could help achieve. Her hair, which cascades into loose curls past her chest, had volume, bounce, and lift.

Swain gave the throwback style some extra personality with swooped edges all along the perimeter of Lizzo’s hairline. Baby hairs aren’t an accurate description for these slicked-down hairs that covered about half of her forehead. But adult hairs may be a bit too dramatic to describe these loops, so we’ve decided to call them teen hairs instead. 

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