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Jenny Mollen’s Son Told His Class He’s Been Eating A Lot Of Penis

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Kids truly just say the wildest things. Cookbook author Jenny Mollen, who shares sons Lazlo, 5, and Sid, 8, with her husband Jason Biggs — shared how one of her son’s teachers was concerned when he was talking about eating his favorite food: “penis.” Mollen shared the hilarious email from the educator on Instagram.

“Today in school your son shared with his classmates that you are in Copenhagen on an adult trip and have been eating (pardon my language) ‘tons of penis,’ ” the email read. “While I hate to bother you on your vacation, I felt strongly that you should be aware and perhaps address the issue at your earliest convenience.”

“He’s not lying. I have been eating tons of penis on this trip,” she wrote on the caption. Confused? In the post, she also included a snap of a menu featuring local cuisine, including “reindeer penis ragout,” a part of Noma Game and Forest’s seasonal menu that includes this provocative dish, among others.

“Def gonna need to [rein] it in when I get home. Thank you so much for checking in on me. See you at drop off!,” she concluded her punny caption.

“This is THE BEST. Also every item on that menu is TERRIFYING. BRAIN CUSTARD?!” commented one. Others couldn’t help but comment on the other wild menu items, like grilled reindeer heart and the dried fruits and rabbit oil combo.

“I just fell out 😂” added Jenna Dewan. Generally, most commenters agreed that this was the best thing they’ve seen in a long time.

Mollen has opened up about some creative dishes she’s made with her two sons in the past, which is what inspired her to write her cookbook, Dictator Lunches: Inspired Meals That Will Compel Even the Toughest of (Tyrants) Children.

“I said to my husband, This doesn’t need to be rocket science,” Mollen told PEOPLE. “I need to do a book that is truly just like a paint by numbers for packing different lunches.”

And sometimes those lunches just happen to be at globally renowned restaurants that serve reindeer testicles.

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