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Insider launches Talent Insider, aimed at helping small businesses hire

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Insider has launched a website called Talent Insider aimed at small- and medium-sized businesses looking to improve their process for hiring and supporting employees, reports Laurie Sullivan of Search & Performance Marketing Daily.

Sullivan writes, “Emily Canal, editor of Talent Insider is also senior editor of entrepreneurship and careers at Insider, believes hiring has become one of the most difficult challenges.

“With a goal to reduce that stat, Nam said 60% of small businesses say the ability to find quality talent is a barrier to hiring. Some 38% of small businesses said time, or lack of it, also is a barrier to managing the end-to-end hiring process.

“Indeed, which Nam described as an ‘extremely data driven company,’ continually uses data from its site to support the hundreds of thousands of businesses using its site daily. Teams that manage the company’s search engine optimization (SEO) helps to develop content based on keywords searched for on the site. There’s reporting and statistics on how many applications companies get, along with what works and what doesn’t.”

Read more here. A company spokeswoman told Talking Biz News that Talent Insider has a staff of 20.

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