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How To Decorate Your Home For Christmas- Top 10 Tips!

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Need some ideas for how to decorate your home for Christmas and make it feel festive and merry? Santa will soon be on his way so get ready for Christmas with these top ten tips on decorating your home for Christmas. These ideas on how to get ready for Christmas are sure to get you into the spirit of Christmas so you can spread joy and holiday cheer! Decorating is the perfect way to get in the holiday spirit.

Get Festive With These Tips On Decorating Your Home For Christmas

Before you begin decorating your home for Christmas, you will want to chose your color pattern and theme.  Planning your Christmas decorations in advance is the best way to make sure that your color scheme is consistent around the home. Set your mind on a theme (like White Christmas, snowmen, snowflakes, or nutcrackers) and stick to it. During this festive season with so many creative ways to add decorative accents, you need a focal point for this time of year to stay with a clean, elegant presentation.

1) Makes sure Santa stops at your house with some festive lights

Starting outside, decorate your front yard and the face of your home with Christmas lights.  You can be as conservative or as wacky as you like, whether you choose to go for a small run of plain lights above your front door, or for Santa and Rudolph in flashing colorful lights on top of your roof. You can also use them to decorate inside with this fun DIY holiday night light. A good idea with string lights is look for the ones that are “Steady Lit” as the Home Accents Holiday brand refers to theme. These are lights that don’t go out when one bulb goes out. These are more expensive but it is one of the simple ways to ensure yourself less frustration in the future.

2) Get creative with Christmas Cards

make your home festive for Christmas with cards

Photo credit:  marthastewart.com/

Everybody loves to send a best wishes card at Christmas. Rather than setting them in a pile on the side or storing them in a drawer, use them to decorate your house. You can try hanging your Christmas greeting cards on a garland to add some festive cheer to your walls.  Or you can try a side table tree for displaying cards.  Another fun idea is a snowshoe Christmas card holder. This is a great decoration for a hallway, entry, or even living room.

3) Getting the table ready

poinsettia centerpeice

An easy way to make your dining table festive is by setting the scene with a Christmas centerpiece.  If you like the traditional look you can wrap some natural elements like holly and berries around a church candle, or for a modern twist, place a selection of baubles in a decorative bowl in the middle of the table. You can even make your own poinsettia centerpiece if you are so inclined.  It will be a lovely addition to your dining room during the Christmas dinner. Christmas crackers added to each place setting is also a fun touch. This DIY winter candle decor makes a simple but cute centerpiece for a coffee table.

4) The smell of Christmas

Create a festive aroma in your home with the smell of cinnamon, orange and pine cones. You can use anything from stovetop potpourri, scented candles, air freshener, fragrance sticks, or a combination of them to achieve this. Aromatherapy is a great way to add to the Christmas cheer. Just don’t go too overboard by mixing too many of those options.

5) Hang your stockings by the fire

The sight of stockings hanging from the fireplace mantle is a sign that Christmas is coming. For a unique way to decorate your home, why not make your own stockings with the pattern of your choice? You can even stitch each other’s initials onto the front; so there is no arguing over who gets the fullest stocking!

6) Christmas is coming advent calendar

make your home festive for Christmas with an advent calendar

Photo Credit:  Lovely Things

For an alternative and fun way to count down the days until Christmas Day, swap your average chocolate advent calendar with a life size one. Create your own bags or boxes with numbers on them and get creative with surprises inside for the children.  This is one of my favorite ways to add a personal touch at Christmas time.

7) Don’t leave one room out

Get ready for Christmas by going whole hog!  Don’t decide to get just one of your rooms ready for the festive holiday period, share the Christmas spirit by decorating each and every room in your home! You don’t have to go all out in each room with a full nativity scene, instead you can place a festive candle or nutcracker in the room to keep the Christmas ambiance flowing throughout the home.  You can even bring Christmas decor to the kitchen with a few Christmas themed dish towels.

8) Decorate the stairs

make your home festive for Christmas by decorating the stairs

Photo credit:  DebbieDoesCreations

Christmas garland or ribbons up your staircase make for an eye-catching decoration in the hallway.  You can either use natural pine and berries or go for an artificial option. Why not put a modern twist on this favorite by making your own paper or popcorn garlands to hang?  Decorating even the stairs with twinkle lights is sign that you are truly ready for Christmas!

9) Don’t forget the front door

When it comes to how to decorate home for Christmas, don’t forget that the entry way makes an impression. Decorations for Christmas on the front door are the best part to welcome your guests this holiday season. I suggest you go for the traditional Christmas Wreath.  You can add a door hanger or Christmas lights around the entrance too if you want to go all out!

10) Saving the best till last

Tips On Decorating Your Home For Christmas

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a Christmas tree! Whether you chose to go au natural or for a funky white, silver or black artificial tree, a Christmas Tree is the one thing you absolutely must have to make your home feel festive!  A tutorial on how to decorate for Christmas could never be complete without the Christmas tree!  They are many styles you can use when it comes to adding your Christmas decorations. I recently did a tutorial for a rustic Christmas tree.  It really helps to have a plan of attack.

I hope you enjoyed these tips for how to decorate your house for Christmas. Holiday decorating is a fun way to create your own cheerful winter wonderland. Which ones of these suggestions will you use to get ready for Christmas? What family traditions do you have when it comes to decorating your home for Christmas?  What is your favorite theme when it comes to decorations for Christmas? Share your pics with us @familyfocusblog or #familyfocusblog!  We can’t wait to see them!

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