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Andy Cohen’s Son Ben Has Some Strong Feelings About Cher

Andy Cohen’s Son Ben Has Some Strong Feelings About Cher


Andy Cohen is an amazing dad for a million reasons. He always gushes over his two children, Ben, 3, and Lucy, 6 months in the sweetest ways. He also shares some hilarious and relatable moments of his kids having meltdowns and silly arguments with him. On Friday, the Watch What Happens Live host posted a video of himself chatting with Ben after Cohen introduced him to one of his favorite artists: Cher.

“This morning I introduced Ben to Cher,” Cohen explained to camera. Cohen has been a lifetime fan and has interviewed the singer on multiple occasions and was clearly stoked to share his love of Cher with his son.

At first Ben didn’t seem to recall who this Cher character was. “She was a singer,” Ben starts to say off camera, which Cohen confirms with a nod. “She was singing too loud for me,” Ben added, much to Cohen’s surprise.

“She was singing too loud for you?” Cohen said, sounding a bit surprised. “You loved it. Who did she remind you of?” And, like any toddler who talks their head off until they are asked something specific, Ben went completely silent after his dad’s question.

. “She reminded you of Elsa, right?” he said, referencing Idina Menzel’s character in Frozen. “Because they’re both good singers.” Ben doesn’t remember it this way, though. Cohen realizes he is not going to get a response and explains that Ben loved Cher and the music wasn’t too loud.

“It wasn’t too loud,” Cohen says, to which Ben quickly counters, “Yeah, it was.”

“It was CHER,” Cohen says emphatically, to which Ben says, “It was ELSA.” The two riff back and forth with Ben swapping out Frozen character names. Cohen ends the conversation with a playfully stern, “Ben, there’s going to be a lot of Cher in your life, do you know that? Lots of Cher time, okay? And sharing is good too,” the father of two concluded with a pun.

Cohen welcomed Ben and Lucy via surrogate in February 2019 and April 2022, respectively. The Bravo host always wanted to be a dad, and he explained his decision to go at parenting solo to PEOPLE when Ben was born.

“It’s not something in your mind — ‘Oh, I want to do this alone.’ But I like being alone,” he explained. “I didn’t want to wait. To me it would have to be a very special person to say, ‘Let’s do this together.’ And I would love that, and that person could be having coffee down the street at this moment and I’ll meet him soon.”

If Cohen every finds the perfect partner to help him parent Ben and Lucy, they are definitely going to have to be a Cher fan.



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