Home Parenting Adorable Boy Confesses He Forgot About A School Project Due Tomorrow

Adorable Boy Confesses He Forgot About A School Project Due Tomorrow

Adorable Boy Confesses He Forgot About A School Project Due Tomorrow


I will never forget the fateful day when I had to break the news to my mom that I had a huge project due at school the next morning. It was 8 p.m., and no stores close by were open to grab poster board, markers, or anything else I needed to complete the assignment.

Plus, this was in a world before everything you’d want to know about anything was available via the internet. So, I barely had enough information to make the project work. Needless to say, my mom wasn’t thrilled with my confession.

Apparently, this is a canon event that most kids and parents go through at least once in their lives.

Gabby Honey shared an adorable video on TikTok featuring her son admitting he had a project due.

“Bro spawned in my room to deliver stressful ASMR,” she jokingly wrote in the caption on her video that’s been viewed over 300k times on TikTok.

In text overlay on the video, Honey wrote, “My son at 9:30 PM telling me he has a diorama due tomorrow on Komodo Dragons!”

The young boy spoke to her gently and calmly, avoiding a full-blown panic on both sides, as he whispered that he had an assignment due in less than 8 hours.

“I just remembered about something I’m supposed to do tomorrow … I got this paper yesterday from my teacher, and my friends were telling me … I have to like, make a little creature that I was researching today … I told you about it. It’s Komodo Dragons,” he says to his mom.

He continues, “I know I have to do it, and I have to turn it in tomorrow.”

“It’s due tomorrow?” Honey asks. “You want me to do this tonight?”

“I think it’s required,” he replies.

“And you’re just telling me this now?” she asks.

“Because I forgot,” he says. “I’m so sorry.”

In a moment when my parents would have had my head on a stick, Honey takes a different approach, giving her son grace and understanding.

“It’s okay, baby,” she says, as the fear swiftly drains from her son’s face knowing his mom is on his side. “Let’s take a look at it.”

“If you want, you can take a little rest,” he assures sweetly. “Or we can do it now.”

In the comment section on the video, TikTok users were charmed by the sweet interaction while praising Honey for her calm demeanor.

“Omg I think I have PSTD I was not expecting such a patient response from you 😭😭,” one user wrote.

“Maybe I’d be a bad parent but it sounds to me like he’s sick tomorrow ( will be doing project ) 💀,” another said.

One user wrote, “look at how well he articulated his situation and his apology! what an ICON”

“Thank you for being kind about it and tbh his I’m so sorry sounded really genuine,” another echoed.

I’m an adult and forget stuff all the time. Honey seems to know this too and knows her son’s just doing the best he can. He’s a kid after all, and his little developing brain is working hard. How can we, as parents, get upset or frustrated with our kids when they have a slip-up like this?

It’s fine to be frustrated and annoyed that no one is getting a full 8 hours of sleep tonight because we’re going to be knee-deep in craft glue and poster board, but it’s worth it when you know your kid is going to remember how understanding and supportive his mom was during a stressful time.



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