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A ton of you want a smaller flagship Pixel phone

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David Imel / Android Authority

A crazy leak emerged last week when a veteran Chinese tipster claimed that Google was working on a small flagship Pixel smartphone. There’s no word on the exact phone size or screen size, but we’d still advise that you take this with plenty of skepticism.

Still, we asked Android Authority readers whether they wanted a smaller Pixel flagship phone, and here’s how you answered the question.

Do you want a smaller Pixel flagship?


This was a very popular poll, with over 5,300 votes tallied as of writing. The winning choice wasn’t even close, as a massive 88.2% of surveyed readers said they do indeed want to see a more pocket-friendly Pixel flagship phone.

Meanwhile, only 6.61% of respondents said they didn’t want a smaller Pixel flagship. Finally, 5.15% of polled readers said other factors like pricing and features would ultimately sway their decision.

In any event, the results show that there still seems to be an appetite for a smaller high-end Pixel phone. But the question is just how small Google should go if it is indeed working on this device. Apple discontinued the 5.4-inch iPhone Mini series recently, purportedly due to slow sales. So it stands to reason that a future compact Pixel shouldn’t go this far.


Zed Jones: Correction: Consumers aren’t interested in the features offered at the price Apple was asking for. Reposition it as the next SE with a price to match and it would sell like hotcakes. Or, better yet, design a similar phone that still includes the fingerprint sensor button, on the side or back, because old people love it on small phones with “big” screens.

2infinity: Would it be possible to have a smaller form factor but increase the depth a little to include a decent battery pack?

Joe Black: As a Pixel 6 Pro user, all I can say is: “Please, please, pretty please, make a smaller Pixel with the camera feature set of a big boy Pixel”. I still remember fondly my Pixel 5 and really use, because of size, my Pixel 6 Pro less.

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