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7 Reasons Why This THC Gel Should Be On Every Busy Mama’s Holiday Wishlist

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Behind every year’s festive dining spreads and decorated piney wreaths is usually you, Mom — running the entire show. Whether you’re dashing across town to find those special last-minute gifts or hanging lights and mistletoe around the house, we know your work is never truly done. That’s why your holiday guest list deserves to bring you comfort and joy. This winter, Curaleaf’s Plant Precision Relieve Topical Gel is getting invited to all the festivities. As for those aches & pains that come with the busy holiday season? They’re officially off the list.

Curaleaf is an innovative provider of wellness-focused cannabis products, and that includes their cannabis-fueled Plant Precision Relieve Topical Gel. We love this formula, infused with 100% THC oil, as the perfect antidote to the aches and pains that come with the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. The gel rapidly eases tension and relieves tired areas when and where you need it most — and the bright lemongrass scent is a merry bonus.

The product also couldn’t be available at a better time. According to a survey conducted by The Harris Poll on behalf of Curaleaf, 91% of adults aged 21+ who have consumed cannabis say they have done so for health and wellness purposes. So, how do you know if this Topical Gel is for you? The team at BDG Studios put together this handy list of the benefits canna-curious mamas can expect from this particular cannabis product.

High Concentrate Means It Can Target Specific Areas

Curaleaf introduced their Plant Precision line of science-backed wellness products to help unlock the dynamic wellness potential and opportunities that cannabis can offer. Infused with 100% THC oil, the Relieve Topical Gel is highly concentrated and able to target specific sore muscles to help provide relief and relaxation right where you need it. The THC gel is perfect for all those aches and pains, whether it’s a sore wrist, a pulled shoulder, or even a crick in the neck from a less-than-ideal night of yuletide sleep. (By the way, Curaleaf’s Plant Precision line also offers a sleep aid product, too!)

It Works Fast

Decorating the house, hanging holiday lights, and picking up presents for the kids can provide many joyful holiday memories. … They can also cause some less-than-joyful ones, especially when they result in a tweaked back or funky calf muscle ache. Should you ever find yourself in the latter category, you can apply the Curaleaf Relieve Topical Gel straight to the source of your discomfort for exceptional relief in 45 minutes or less. All moms may not agree about being Team Applesauce or Team Sour Cream on the latkes, but they can agree that faster relief means more time for family fun.

Get Relief Without The High

Stay sharp while letting botany make your body feel better. As a topical gel, Relieve’s 100% THC oil only affects the treated area, so you can count on keeping a clear head while soothing your muscles. After all, it takes some serious concentration to remember who gets which stocking stuffers after everyone has gone to sleep.

It Has A Historically Calming Fragrance

The fresh lemongrass scent of this gel complements the body’s natural chemistry, working in tandem with the THC to help summon a sense of calm during a wildly chaotic time of year. Globally, cultures use lemongrass both as a cooking ingredient and as an herbal wellness remedy to help treat things like fever, inflammation, and anxiety. Moms also deserve to enjoy the winter wonderland without the threat of a wonky muscle disrupting a snow globe moment.

It Helps You Stay Active

Sneaking in a workout between carting kids to caroling and doing some shopping for Santa can be challenging enough. The last thing you need is a migraine as soon as you hit the stationary bike. Fortunately, Relieve Gel can help soothe the pain: Simply apply the gel to your temples or sinus area (or wherever that pesky headache takes up camp).

It Comes Packaged In A Small Durable Design

Conveniently packaged in a slick, secure tube, Curaleaf’s Relieve Gel is easy to toss into a gym or hiking bag when packing for all the activities the season boasts. To use, simply line up the arrow with the notch on the lid, and pull up to get a pump. Even just 5mg of THC in a single pump can offer relief. Wait 45 minutes for the gel to take effect, and reapply as cramps or soreness demand.

It’s A Natural Alternative To Pharmaceuticals

In fact, some self-report research shows that cannabis can effectively manage pain as an alternative to opioids without unwanted side effects. And Curaleaf’s Relieve Gel is a way to help keep body aches in control so you can celebrate the holidays as pain-free as possible.

Remember: Even Santa needs a helper or two. Let Curaleaf Plant Precision Relieve Gel ride with you through the season so you, too, can bask in that magical feeling you work so hard to conjure.

Curaleaf creates a safe, open and honest environment for cannabis discovery that minimizes doubt and confusion. Get canna-confident with Curaleaf and learn more here. The statements in this publication are solely those of Bustle and not Curaleaf. Laws governing the legality, availability and use of marijuana vary by state. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. This product is meant for people 21 year of age and older.

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