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50, 100 & 150 Years In the past: September 2022




A Muon Telephone Sometime

“In April a sequence of Morse-code V’s (dot dot dot sprint) was transmitted by a beam of muons that handed by means of a five-foot wall and traveled 150 meters earlier than reaching a ‘terminal’ consisting of two coincidence counters. The message was encoded by mechanically interposing or not interposing a three-inch block of brass within the muon beam each time a 12-billion-electron-volt synchrotron on the Argonne Nationwide Laboratory emitted a brief burst of particles. The experiment was the primary identified use of a particle accelerator to transmit a message. Richard C. Arnold, who carried out the experiment, means that muon beams are probably aggressive with microwave-relay and satellite tv for pc programs for long-range communication. Arnold says: ‘Designing and creating muon communication programs ought to present expertise that shall be helpful in designing comparable programs with neutrino beams. Such programs await the event of sufficiently large detectors and sufficiently intense or energetic (or each) accelerator beams.’”

Nanoseconds Misplaced

“Atomic clocks are getting correct sufficient to immediately take a look at the final principle of relativity. If a clock is taken in an airplane and flown world wide eastward (the course by which the earth rotates), it ought to run gradual with respect to reference clocks on the Naval Observatory and lose time. If the clock have been flown world wide westward, it could run quick. In October, J. C. Hafele and Richard E. Keating took 4 cesium-beam clocks made by Hewlett-Packard on often scheduled industrial flights world wide, as soon as in every course. The flying clocks misplaced 59±10 nanoseconds through the eastward journey and gained 273±7 nanoseconds through the westward journey, verifying the predictions of the final principle of relativity. The experiment could be the least expensive ever carried out to check the idea; it price some $8,000, of which $7,600 was spent on air fare.”


A Helicopter That Flies

“After almost 20 years of experimentation, the well-known inventor, Emile Berliner of Washington, D.C., and his son, Henry A. Berliner, have perfected the primary profitable helicopter which can rise perpendicularly and fly forward. The aviator can direct its course whichever manner he wishes by tilting it ahead so that it’ll fly horizontally. This tilting is completed by a small horizontal propeller situated on the tail of the machine. Throughout the assessments the helicopter has not been operated at heights higher than 15 to twenty ft, and it has been flown at a pace of about 20 miles an hour. About the very best many different inventors have performed was to develop machines which might rise from the bottom, however which failed of their efforts to fly ahead on even keel.”


Ox Blood Cures Ills

“In medication, sure issues are in style for a sure time. Bleeding and mercury have had their day; cod liver oil and chloral hydrate are already on the wane; alcohol and bullock’s blood are actually in vogue among the many Parisians—the previous for fevers and all inflammatory affections, and the latter for anaemia and pulmonary phthisis. It’s stated to be a curious sight in Paris to see sufferers of each sexes and all ages who flock to the slaughter home each morning to drink of the nonetheless fuming blood of the oxen slaughtered for the desk. In accordance with M. Boussingault, of all nutritive substances, the blood of animals incorporates the best amount of iron, and it’s this which provides worth to the brand new medication.”

Unimaginable Sunflower

“A up to date calls consideration to the necessary makes use of of the sunflower. It should develop virtually anyplace, and the rising plant and its flowers are well-known absorbents of foul and miasmatic air. It is rather productive of seed, yielding fifty bushels to the acre, which include fifty gallons of simply expressed oil. The oil is instantly burnt in lamps, and offers a transparent white gentle; it may be used as a car for paint, and is great for the soapmaker. The seeds will also be fed to poultry in winter, with benefit. The stalks yield a helpful product, a fiber of nice energy and smoothness, which might be obtained by ‘retting,’ as is finished with the stalks of flax.”



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