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47 luxury gift ideas for Christmas presents in 2022

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It’s undeniable that a truly thoughtful gift is one of the most straightforward ways to let someone know how important they are to you and how much you appreciate them in your life. While it doesn’t always have to be something super pricey, splurge gifts are splurges for a reason. They’re usually high-quality, unique and top-of-the line pieces that will last their recipient for years to come. And who doesn’t love receiving something a little more special?

Ahead, we’ve rounded up our favorite absolutely splurge-worthy gift ideas, perfect for spoiling those in your life who deserve a little extra this holiday season. Need more ideas? Check out our favorite gift ideas for mengift ideas for womenAmazon gifts, Nordstrom gifts, ultra-practical gifts and gifts under $25.

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If you’re looking to really change someone’s life with a gift this holiday season, this kitchen gadget might be our top pick. This espresso machine boasts all the features that make Breville espresso machines so popular (we named another very similar Breville model our favorite splurge pick) — thoughtful design, precise temperature control, the full works. What makes it special is its intuitive touchscreen display, which enables you to whip up lattes, cappuccinos and a whole suite of café drinks with the press of a button. You can even adjust and personalize elements like coffee strength, temperature of the drink and the texture of the milk, making it perfect for coffee beginners and at-home barista types alike. See more of our favorite espresso machines here.

For the stylish, wine-loving friend or family member, these trendy wine glasses are the perfect gift. They’re gorgeous to display, hand-blown in Poland and attached to a cute story. Named after the founder’s grandmother, who “instilled in her a love of treasure hunting for beautiful finds,” the vintage-inspired tint has a charm that’s just irresistible. Plus, the wide assortment of colors makes it a breeze to match your choice to the recipient’s kitchen scheme and overall color preference.

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Once you go high-quality bedding, there’s really no going back. Give the gift of better rest with some of the most comfortable, breathable, luxurious bedding we’ve ever experienced. We named these the best linen sheets, in fact. These linen sheets are available in six different sizes, 11 gorgeous colors to fit any style and an optional top sheet.

For the person in need of a new kitchen set, our recommendation is Caraway. The brand’s ceramic-coated cookware is non-toxic, nonstick, easy to clean, versatile and great at conducting heat. This set has everything they’ll need in the kitchen, along with super-chic magnetic pan racks and a canvas lid holder that makes organization easy and aesthetically pleasing.

No matter how you feel about vacuuming, a cordless Dyson vacuum makes it 100 times more enjoyable. And while a vacuum could be interpreted as a controversial gift, this one’s just so good that we couldn’t leave it out. (A few Underscored editors have it and love it too.) All of Dyson’s cordless vacuums are incredibly lightweight, easy to use and great at picking up dust and dirt. The V12 features a laser that reveals microscopic dust, optimizes its own suction power and run time and is built with the latest hair-detangling technology.

Sometimes, giving a candle as a gift can sort of be seen as a cop-out. We can guarantee that if you give a Nest candle — and this option in particular — nobody will be thinking that at all. In fact, they’ll probably be hoping you got them the same thing. These burn beautifully, the scents are always rich without being overpowering and they’re perfectly balanced for any room of your home. This bestselling fragrance is everything you could want for the holidays. It’s woody, with notes of musk and amber — in simpler terms, a forest at Christmastime.

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Juicers are undeniably one of the more luxurious kitchen tools to have, but for the person who can’t resist fresh fruit and vegetable juices (and spends a lot of money on them), a high-quality juicer can easily pay for itself. And this is the best juicer we’ve ever tested. It’s compact enough and doesn’t take up too much counter space, while still packing a ton of power. The slow-squeeze technology mimics the motion of hand-squeezing juice, leaving you with deliciously fresh and pure juice, extremely dry pulp and limited waste.

We’re big fans of Bearaby’s internet-famous, perfectly chunky weighted blankets. Not only are they adorable to look at, they’re also great for getting better rest and just feeling calmer on those more stressful days. This velvet option, just like all of the brand’s weighted blankets, gets its weight from the fabric itself as opposed to glass or plastic beads. The material is sustainable and made from recycled marine plastic — though you’d never guess it from how soft and comfortable the velvet feels.

Yes, we’ve discovered a luxury kettle that we’re absolutely obsessed with. This super-chic kitchen gadget will garner all the compliments (speaking from experience) and makes for the perfect gift for anyone who can’t live without their tea or coffee. The variable control makes it easy to get precise with the temperature of your water, while features like a built-in timer make it a breeze to time your extraction. And that’s not even mentioning the precision-pour spout, which will seriously make you feel like an expert barista.

Outdoor furniture doesn’t come cheap. But if you really want to treat someone special this holiday season, we’d recommend a piece from Outer. The outdoor furniture brand specializes in well-designed, durable and comfortable pieces that are easier on the environment. The Wicker Outdoor Sofa is especially gorgeous and incredibly comfortable, plus it’s easy to put together and clean regularly.

For rowing beginners or pros, it doesn’t get much cooler than the Hydrow Wave Rower. Much more compact than other at-home rowers (it even folds up vertically), it offers a Peloton-like service where users can row alongside virtual trainers as they pull their way through various rivers and lakes across the world — from the River Thames to streams in Alaska. One of our editors has tried it for the past few weeks and has absolutely fallen in love. It’s available in a few lovely color options as well.

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This adorable cookware set isn’t just any old cookware set — it features Le Creuset’s iconic round Dutch oven, which won out as our best “splurge” Dutch oven. With perfect heat distribution, easy handling and high performance and durability, it’s a kitchen essential you can hand down to your children. Also included in the set are the brand’s Signature Saucepan and Signature Iron Handle Skillet. While having one of these items is a great way to add some fun color to your kitchen setup, the set is even more impactful.

If someone in your life is short on kitchen space, or just wants to downsize, the Brava Oven is one of the most impressive kitchen gadgets we’ve come across. It replaces a conventional oven, a microwave oven, air fryer, toaster and even more. The digital display is home to over 7,000 customizable cooking programs that are already downloaded onto your mini oven. You simply have to select what you want to make, put in the ingredients and the oven’s technology ensures it’s perfectly cooked, everytime. While the end result isn’t revolutionary, the time and stress it can save you certainly is.

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We concede that $450 seems like an extreme amount of money to spend on a blender, but the Vitamix Venturist V1200 (which we named the best luxury blender on the market), with its whopping 10-year warranty and plethora of functional, durable and just plain cool features, simply rose to the top in every test performed.

For anyone who loves their backyard entertaining, Solo Stove makes some of the coolest fire pits we’ve ever seen. Especially for any smoke-averse people, the brand’s signature airflow design results in way less smoke and an efficient burn that creates super-fine ash that’s easy to clean. The burn is totally mesmerizing, and overall it’s a perfect gift for fire pit newbies and pros alike.

Whether it’s a sunny summer backyard party or a chilly fall family reunion, pizza is always the perfect addition. And with this gas-powered pizza oven from Ooni, making incredibly delicious fresh pizza has never been easier. It’s the perfect big-ticket item to give anyone who loves to host and has the outdoor space to do so. They don’t even have to be a skilled cook — Ooni ovens are so intuitive, anyone can create culinary masterpieces in no time. Check out our review of it here.

For anyone who loves their Apple products, the brand’s AirPods Max are undeniably pricey — but they’re also a joy to use and experience. Their design is modern and unique, while the sound quality is stellar. The tech inside the headphones is super impressive as well. From Adaptive EQ that adjusts audio frequencies in real time to unmatched active noise cancellation and a 20-hour battery, there’s no denying that these sleek headphones would make for an incredible gift.

Frequent gymgoers, generally active people and honestly just about anyone knows that there’s nothing like a massage after a long day or a tough week. Therabody’s line of Theraguns is by and far the best massage guns on the market, and they’re trusted by the pros as well — Cristiano Ronaldo and Maria Sharapova just to name a few. The Theragun Pro delivers a deep muscle treatment that helps aid in your recovery, release tension and soothe discomfort. It comes with six different attachments that will target different areas of your body and different needs, plus two external batteries, and the arm rotates into four different positions so you can relax your body without straining it.

As our reviewer put it: “I can say unequivocally that the Sonos Sub Mini improves the sound of every Sonos speaker you pair it with.” And that alone has won us over. For anyone looking to improve their sound system, whether they enjoy playing music or watching “House of the Dragon,” the Sub Mini is compact and packs a punch.

The Catch:3 is a quintessential holiday gift: something you’re unlikely to buy for yourself, but that you cherish and use everyday after receiving it. While the price may seem high for a wireless charger and organizer tray, the marriage of the two is so much greater than the sum of its parts. It’s a gorgeous, high-quality piece of decor that ties together an entryway, bedside table or at-home office space. It helps keep my essentials organized and ensure that both my phone and AirPods are always charged.

Imagine your Keurig, but instead of coffee, out comes margaritas, cosmos and, well, espresso martinis. A perfect gift option for anyone who loves a good drink but isn’t interested in the mixology of it, this cocktail machine is a whole lot of adult-only fun, because there’s nothing wrong with wanting your boozy beverages to be a little easier to make at home. Simply insert a cocktail capsule, select your preferred strength and the machine does the rest. All you need to have on hand is the liquor of your choice.

Smartwatches are a beloved piece of tech for many people, and for many different reasons — from health monitoring to fitness tracking and just staying connected without your phone. But one thing’s for sure, they make really great gifts. This option has been called by one of our writers as “a better version of what’s long been the best smartwatch,” so you can be sure it’s worth the investment. Some of its features include crash detection, temperature sensing, blood oxygen levels, sleep and fitness tracking and a lot more.

Definitely a splurge-but-worth-it gift pick. We fell in love with this portable, easy-to-use projector in our Samsung Freestyle review. Not only is it an excellent projector that can project up to a 100-inch screen, it can also be a speaker, a light or a groovy star show projector.

For the doting cat parents in your life, this innovative, high-tech litter robot is an incredibly impressive piece of technology that makes scooping poop a chore of the past. It’s a fully automatic, self-cleaning litter box that’s also WiFi-enabled. Through the accompanying app, you can track how often your cat or cats go, and you get a read of their weight, every time they step into the box — which is one of the best ways to keep track of their health. There’s no smell, it’s really quiet and it’s a hassle-free way to ensure that your cat’s box is always clean.

Fitness is frequently top of mind come the new year, but heading to the gym isn’t always everyone’s first choice. If you’re interested in an at-home option for diverse and effective workouts, the Tempo Move might be right for you. This unique home gym setup, which includes a cabinet of smart weights, guides you through workouts, gives you personal feedback on your form, pushes you and tells you when you’re ready for harder workouts and tracks your performance to tailor future training plans. One of the best parts is how compact the entire setup is, so you don’t have to worry about setting up something that will take over an entire room.

This heavenly soft cashmere throw works as a scarf, a shawl — really anything you want it to be. Its versatility and universal appeal (because who doesn’t want some luxurious cashmere) make it the perfect holiday gift option. It’s made from 100% Mongolian cashmere — which is super breathable and wrinkle-free — and available in six different colors. Plus, no need to worry about sizing!

For any minimalists, this wallet is a total game changer when it comes to downsizing their everyday essentials. We love how sleek and chic, yet simple, this option from Saint Laurent is, while the iconic gilt monogram makes this complete luxury. It’s available in three different colors, with a chic peach and an eye-catching golden taupe in addition to the classic black.

One of the prettiest necklaces we’ve ever seen (and holiday-appropriate!), and all of Soru’s jewelry is handmade by family-run workshops and artisans in Italy and Turkey. Each piece being unique; this one is made with various sizes of faceted emerald green crystals.

A great winter coat is a gift that’ll last years. And don’t let the good looks of this option fool you — it’s a super-practical, everyday option that’ll look equally stylish on your way into the office and during a chilly night out. It’s also water-repellent, fully lined and made with both outer and interior welt pockets.

A dome ring is one of our favorite pieces of statement jewelry. Not only are they a great way to show off your style, they’re super comfortable and easy to wear. This option from Kinn, one of our favorite jewelry brands, adds a diamond to their fan-favorite Dome Ring I. if you prefer a different precious stone, you also have the option of swapping out the diamond for an emerald, blue sapphire or yellow sapphire.

Lunya’s washable silk is total luxury — without the high maintenance. You can simply machine wash on cold and not have to worry about ruining or damaging the material in any way. While any of the brand’s products would make for an incredible gift, this robe is a true editor favorite. It’s perfect for those slightly chillier mornings and evenings, and structured enough that you can wear it around the horse without feeling too exposed.

The perfect do-it-all bag, this tote works for weekend getaways, international vacations or taking you from the office to the gym. It sports a luggage sleeve, adjustable crossbody strap and tons of pockets that help with organizing all your stuff. In addition to being extremely lightweight and comfortable to carry, the material is super easy to clean and pack away. Plus, the black lacquer is a perfect stylish step up from your everyday basic black bag, while just as versatile.

Watches are a classic gift option, and it’s hard to go wrong with this, forgive our pun, timeless option. This option from Shinola was built and engineered with longevity and quality top of mind. The high-accuracy quartz movement was hand-assembled in Detroit with Swiss and imported parts, and is made up of 43 components. The case is made from sapphire crystal and features a classic pumpkin crown, and the sophisticated leather strap only looks better over time.

Lovers of luxury will be no stranger to Gucci’s iconic loafer. These feature a chic silhouette and subtle yet distinct piece of gold hardware. And for as casual as slip-on mules can be, these are actually super versatile — simple and comfortable enough to wear every day, or dressy enough to reserve for the office and dressier days.

These boots from Koio are one of those gifts that will most likely last a person the rest of their life. The brand’s boots are unbelievably high-quality, durable and comfortable, and this option is no exception. The design is classic yet stylish, and the timeless style makes them a breeze to pair with all types of outfits, ranging from totally casual to more polished.

Croissant-style or twisted hoops are all the rage right now, which isn’t surprising considering how effortless yet elegant the style is. This option from Mejuri adds that extra level of luxury by intertwining 14-karat solid gold with ethically sourced pavé diamonds.

For the fashionista who has it all (and potentially particular taste), this Instagram-famous pajama set is super luxe, totally stylish and just a whole lot of fun. It’s made from a lightweight, silk-crepe-like material and features tonal piping, mother-of-pearl buttons and detachable feather cuffs that are completely extra and elegant at the same time.

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Manifest a year of travel and exploration by gifting the globetrotter in your life the only carry-on suitcase they’ll ever need. Away’s Carry-On won our award for the best carry-on luggage of the year thanks to its durability, thoughtful organization, smart features and, of course, its super-chic design. For someone who wants to make an impression (and ensure their luggage never gets mixed up with anyone else’s), we’d recommend this aluminum model.

For those who truly prefer to travel in luxury, this four-piece set is everything you need to forget you’re stuck on a plane, train, car or any other mode of transportation and not in a hotel bed. It includes a silk travel pillowcase, eye mask, cashmere throw and deluxe cashmere socks. You can even have it monogrammed!

If there’s ever a situation where you’re using a travel backpack and nothing else, I’d suggest the Monos Metro Backpack every single time. The perfect gift for a constant globetrotter, the bag is made from a water-resistant vegan leather that’s surprisingly durable and super sleek. Despite not looking bulky, the backpack can fit a shocking amount, probably due to the smart design and thoughtful pockets. And of course, it comes with all the airport must-haves: a separate laptop sleeve, trolley sleeve and best of all, an interchangeable front pocket that can easily be detached. It’s perfect for storing essentials and anything else you’ll want by your side on a long trip.

Dyson has been investing in innovation within the beauty space — the brand has announced plans to launch 20 new products in the next four years — and it shows. The latest iteration of the Dyson Airwrap has been re-engineered for more efficiency, easier styling and different hair types. The new barrels curl in both directions, which is a huge improvement from the previous model. And there have also been improvements for controlling shape, while the multi-functional smoothing dryer works to dry your hair, sans any flyaways. All this being said, it’s still the same versatile, multipurpose hair tool that’s always on our beauty vanity, and that the pros love as well.

This MUA-approved beauty tool is definitely pricey, but experts swear that it’s worth it. The NuFace Trinity Complete Facial Toning Kit comes with the NuFace Trinity Facial Trainer Device, a microcurrent treatment device that aims to rejuvenate skin, in addition to multiple attachments that help the device target different parts of your face and a hydrating gel primer.

For a gift that may feel like it’s from the future, we can’t recommend this sauna blanket enough. According to our social lead Stephanie Griffin, “This popular portable device is an at-home infrared blanket that I use nightly in my living room for quick, 45-minute sweat sessions. It helps to detoxify the body, relax the mind, boost your mood, promote glowing skin… The list goes on. It’s a splurge, but I believe it’s worth it!”

What do you get when you pair nostalgia and luxury with a beautiful scent? This perfume, to be exact. Beloved for its luxe apothecary-inspired bottles and creative scents, this Maison Margiela fragrance is a bestseller and fan favorite — and it’s particularly perfect for wintertime. The scent is warm and spicy, combining orange flowers with clove oil, chestnut accord and vanilla, evoking the coziness and comfort of sitting in front of a fireplace as the show falls outside.

For the makeup minimalist, this collection from clean, vegan and cruelty-free makeup brand Merit Beauty is everything they could want and need. All the products have a natural finish and application that emphasizes your beauty without covering anything up — and all the products are easy to apply either with the included blending brush or your fingers. One of our particular favorites is the tinted lip oil, which nourishes your lips while providing them with the perfect wash of color.

There are no eyeshadows that compare to those from PatMcGrath. Their pigmentation and quality are unmatched, particularly when it comes to typically difficult colors like purples, dark blues and reds. The 18-shade Mthrshp Mega: Celestial Nirvana Palette is a dream combo of standard blending colors, stunning shimmer and glitter shades and extremely opaque, colorful matte shades that will blow any makeup lover away. Its combination and savings when paired with the Divine Blush & Glow Trio — which has everything you could ever want for countless different blush looks — is a match made in heaven.

For someone looking to make the leap into clean beauty, Youth To The People is one of the best brands out there and this vault has everything one would need for a holistic AM and PM routine. All the products are vegan, cruelty-free and in recyclable packaging. Plus, you’ll get adorable limited-edition socks, a trucker hat and tote bag — because apparel is always a fun plus.

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