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2024 Hair Color Trends the Pros Are Loving — See Photos

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In years past, mushroom brown has been synonymous with…cold. Cold, ashy, gray, and washed-out — which, might we remind you, bears little resemblance to the true bronzy tones of an actual mushroom. “Mushroom hair started out as drastic and bold, but it’s landing in a much more wearable place for 2024,” says Dean. “We’re nearing the end of the super-cold and smoky gray, and we’re seeing it be replaced with a softer and more realistic mushroom brown.” Which, in case you don’t have your carton of porcinis on hand, looks like a neutral taupe with golden tones.

“The beauty and popularity of true mushroom brown is that it’s inspired by the range of browns we’re naturally born with,” says Richards. Because the shade toes the line between warm and cool, it can work with virtually all skin tones and undertones, whether you go for a single-process shade or mushroom-brown highlights. Just note that a true neutral bronde tone is tricky to maintain in summer months due to sunlight oxidation, says Richards. If you’re hoping for a realistic mushroom hue that lasts, you may want to test this color out in early spring, fall, or winter.

Toasted pecan red

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